At this very moment, you are standing at the point where the vastest land and the widest ocean of the world intersect. Under your feet, rather than an island, is much more like a bud of flower that had been concealing all her essence just for you – waiting to fully blossom into the beauty of Taiwan.

“Ilha Formosa!” was an epic exclamation of her perfection echoing throughout the generations. Here, the natural sceneries that have touched the countless souls gather. Diverse and exciting specimens dwell on this fertile land, while the deep cultural heritage passed down for centuries provides the genuine touching moments and lasting memories for the travelers and friends of Taiwan.

“Ever Rich Jewelry” was launched in 2011 for our affection and confidence in this land. Our mission is to inherit this beauty of Taiwan through the masterfully refined aesthetics of “designer jewelry” to slowly recount the endless good things of Taiwan.

Formosa is our themed collection that is infused with the classic imageries to recreate the brilliance of the species diversity and the magnificence of the local sceneries. Premium natural gemstones and precious metals are carefully selected in the design of the contemporary jewelries to artfully cut out the pieces of innovative beauty. We firmly believe in this outcome:

“If the world is a rough stone, then Taiwan’s brilliance will shine brightly to the amazement of all connoisseurs.”

Classical pieces of jewelries transcend time and space. We hope to eternalize all of your precious experience and memories into each and every one of these artisan treasures of Taiwan. May these gems blossom once again on every land of the world.

It is our greatest honor and fortune to be “Born in Taiwan and Blossom in the World.”

The Ever Rich Jewelry Design Awards 2019

“Ever Rich Jewelry Design Awards” is a competition hosted by Ever Rich Jewelry. The theme of “The Beauty of Taiwan” chosen for 2019 will hopefully showcase the wide ecological diversity, natural beauty and other precious assets of Taiwan’s wilderness through jewelry design. For the awards, submissions were solicited between October 20 and December 31, 2019. A total of 443 entries poured in from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and other places.

The judges included international jewelry designer Kung Tsung Tzu, well-known jewelry connoisseur Grace Huang, multimedia artist Agi Chen, and fashion designer Daniel Wong. In January 2020, through an online selection process the judges shortlisted 29 pieces separated into two divisions: community and student. On February 4, 2020, they selected the winners based on a set of criteria that included aesthetic appearance, creativity, theme, practicality, and sales potential.

The Ever Rich Jewelry Design Awards 2019:We want you!

The Ever Rich Jewelry Design Awards is a competition held by Ever Rich Jewelry. In 2017, adopting the theme of “The Beauty of Taiwan,” we received 505 submissions from five areas: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and France. It was record number of submissions for a jewelry design competition.

In 2019, we are adopting “The Beauty of Taiwan’s Mountains” as our new theme. Submissions should use jewelry design to showcase the various plants and animals and the beauty of the natural scenery found in Taiwan’s mountains. Every design should be like a bright ray of light.

We sincerely welcome you to join us in exploring the beauty of Taiwan’s mountains.

Ever Rich Jewelry Design Award - Award-Winning Designs Become Finished Products

In order to encourage a new generation of designers to pursue their dreams, Ever Rich Jewelry sponsored turning gold, silver and bronze medal jewelry designs into finished products.
After more than four months, these designers have finally brought their ideas to life and are showing the world the brilliance of Taiwan.

Ever Rich Jewelry Design Award

From October 1 to December 31, 2017, featuring the theme, “Beauty of Taiwan”, “Ever Rich Jewelry Design Award” has received 505 submissions from 57 departments in 60 educational institutes from 5 countries, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and France, an unprecedented record in jewelry design competitions. Ever Rich Jewelry hopes to combine this compelling impact and creativity by hosting the “Ever Rich Jewelry Design Award” to stimulate the creativity of the next generation and hopes to present the beauty of Taiwan in all its tremendous splendor via jewelry design.

We want you! (Long version)

Are you curious about the source of design master Xiao Qing-Yang’s creativity? We hope that participants in the “Ever Rich Jewelry Design Award” feel the same inspiration, so we can jointly use jewelry design to showcase Taiwan’s beauty to the world.

We want you!
To provide students with an opportunity to showcase their outstanding talents, in 2017 Ever Rich Jewelry is holding the "Ever Rich Jewelry Design Award."

The event, which is based on the theme "the beauty of Taiwan," will feature professional industry members serving as judges. Among them is renowned designer Xiao Qing-Yang, who as a leading promoter of Taiwan is expected to encourage more students to participate. As Xiao’s international perspective and insight rubs off on the students, giving them a better understanding of what makes Taiwan beautiful, they will become ambassadors of Taiwan's beauty and use jewelry design to showcase the brilliance of the island.
Ever Rich Jewelry Product Launch Press Conference

Ever Rich Jewelry comes forward as a pioneer jewelry brand to present its collections by embracing the abundant nature, cultural heritage and contemporary art in Taiwan.

The press event is a collaborative effort with a renowned modern artist; visual displays present classic imagery of Taiwan and the originality of our jewelry design.