Tips on Use and Care of Your Jewelry
to Keep It Looking New
Tips on Use and Care of Your Jewelry
to Keep It Looking New
Jewelry maintenance mode
Jewelry maintenance mode
Coral, Pearls
These natural, organic gems require special care befitting of their exquisite nature:

Any chemical-based detergents will damage the luster of coral or pearls. These gems not only should be removed before bathing but also should not come into contact with hot springs or perspiration. After wearing, gently rub and clean with a soft cloth.

Avoid exposure to intense light or heat and excessively dry environments.

Abuse due to the above-mentioned factors will cause the surface of natural coral to lose its luster. If this occurs, the product can be brought to an Ever Rich Jewelry shop for professional, after-sale service to restore the product’s luster.


Gold is flexible and can therefore easily change shape when forcefully pulled. This will damage its appearance. All gold products have a minimum of 999 fineness, apart from earrings, which have 900 fineness. This preserves their rigidity so they are not easily deformed when wearing.


Diamonds can be cleaned using mild household liquid detergent mixed with warm water. Use a soft brush to clean the jewel mount. Rinse with water then dry using a soft cloth.

Precious Blue Chalcedony

After wearing, use a soft cloth to wipe away perspiration. The jewel mount can also be placed under cold water then cleaned using a soft brush. Rinse with water then wipe with a soft cloth.

Do not clean using an ultrasonic cleaner.

Sunlight, high temperatures, and dry environments can cause changes to the color or transparency of the gem. This is a normal characteristic of blue chalcedony. If desired, soak the jewelry in cold water to return the gem to its original color and luster.

Maintenance Service

Ever Rich Jewelry will provide free repairs for up to one year after the date of your purchase for damage that results from non-human factors.

Free repair service does not apply to damage caused by accident, modification, negligence or other related reason, Ever Rich Jewelry will determine whether it can be repaired. Ever Rich Jewelry will do its utmost to provide assistance, but if repairs are undertaken resulting fees will be charged as appropriate.

First resizing is free. Due to the nature of precious metals, rings can only be resized +/- two full size from the original size. There are certain limitations to resize specific models due to their unique design.

If after-sale service is needed, please bring the product with the Jewelry Guarantee to an Ever Rich Jewelry shop.

The Jewelry Guarantee is only valid after being filled out by Ever Rich Jewelry with the date of purchase and other relevant information then stamped with the seal.